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Trading hockey cards is much simpler than trading hockey players. Photo by Katie.

Finders Keepers

Every dedicated sports fan has that one piece of memorabilia that is very dear to them. Usually it was obtained as a youth at one of the first major sporting events you attended–maybe a ticket stub or a program. Or, perhaps you grabbed it later on as an adult on a auction site. Either way […]

A crystal ball is a common fortune telling object. Photo by Valerie Everett.

Mac’s Prophecy (Mar 27 – Apr 2)

The impact of the NHL playoff race can have devastating repercussions on your fantasy lineups. With only a few short weeks away, the emphasis across the league is defense.

Photo by Dafne Cholet.

Trade Impact: 2 Weeks Later

Movement prior to the end of the March 1 deadline opened doors and altered player values for the final weeks of the fantasy hockey season. New lines sprouted out of offensive additions and blue-line shortcomings got addressed on a handful of rosters. Winners and losers at the deadline may not be clear until deep into […]

The Magic 8-Ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice. Photo by Jeff Seeger

Bold Predictions (Mar 13 – Mar 19)

Ducks Get Plucked This week will not be kind to the Mallards of Anaheim. With two dynamic, young, and evolving teams in Alberta within reach of the Ducks’ tail-feathers, the aging and goal challenged club will feel what it’s like to be in the wild card position by next weekend. I predict three losses for […]

The Canadian province of Quebec is by far the largest producer of maple syrup, responsible for 75% of the world's output. Photo by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

Maple Fever

The Urban Dictionary defines the “Maple Fever” as a person who is attracted to or especially attracted to Canadians. Having been born and raised in the Great White North, this author can most definitely confirm the validity of this term. The sexual nature of this reference notwithstanding, let me explain how this phenomenon can help […]